Paradise Complex

Commercial, Office, Residential, and Cultural Complex

December 05, 2008

141500 m2

The MO+ architects inc. have been engaged by Abu Dhabi Projects and Supply LLC for the design and documentation of the Paradise Development, Shiraz , Iran. 
The project is a mixed use development consisting of office, retail, sports, leisure, residential floor space and associated carparking provisions located on Shiraz , Iran.
This 3d models forms part of the project deliverables for Paradise Development, Shiraz and records the progress to date of architectural and sub consultant concept and schematic design for the project. 
Conceptual Statement:  Activation | Aggregation | Sculptural Form .

The form is carefully articulated to provide variety and animation with a strong sense of sculptural form. The collection of elements promotes movement and a sense of dynamic, leading the eye across the composition. It is a composition which evokes interest and suggests a place of discovery and enjoyment.

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